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PIC Launches Regional Testimonial Video

“Staying connected with organizations across the region through regular and informative events.”

Date: March 13, 2017

PIC Launches Regional Testimonial Video

TIMMINS, ON: The Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) has officially launched their testimonial video and continues providing support to regional organizations. The short clip helps promotes their programs and services, successful clients and regional support.
Since 2015, PIC has assisted over 60 businesses through their Productivity Assessment Initiative, a program that identifies gaps and helps them find the right path to an innovative and efficient future.

“In this short time, PIC has addressed some of Timmins medium and long-termed innovation issues by diversifying local operations and helping businesses tap into new external markets,” says Mayor Steve Black. As the video progresses, Mayor Black expresses the value of the programs offered by PIC and a successful client, who is also featured in the short video, agrees.
“It was a great pleasure to be introduced to PIC right here in Northern Ontario,” Brian Nankervis, owner of Handy Hydrant says. “This has really given me the opportunity to not only launch this product, but bring it to market and introduce it to other communities within Northern Ontario.”

Nankervis and some others in the video participated in the pitch event PIC co-hosted last year with the Northern Ontario Angels (NOA) who gathers investors with northern innovative companies needing funding to start or grow their business.

“NOA’s success in growing the number of accredited investors, educating and supporting these investors and then assisting entrepreneurs to become investment ready has allowed for enhanced deal flow and therefore supported economic growth,” says Kimberley Wahamaa, NOA Consultant. “Ultimately we want Northern Ontario Entrepreneurs to say in the North.”

From the success of last years’ pitch event, PIC has partnered again with NOA to continue the event on an annual basis. The second private event has been scheduled for April 6th, 2017 where four entrepreneurs will pitch their products to the angels.

Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director of NOA explains, “We partner with the five northern innovation centres, and are pleased with the success of deals through Timmins Productivity and Innovation Centre.”

Through the Productivity Assessment program and others like the Pre-Commercialization Assistance Contribution program, supported by National Research Council of Canada
Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), PIC has been able to support the region’s small businesses in leveraging more than $350,000 in government funding.

One client, Brenda Hagerty, owner of Porcupine Canvas, has been able to access of $150,000 worth of grant funding since first meeting in October, 2015. “Through the implementation phase, we were able to adapt our software, improve our technologies and go into different global market places,” Hagerty explains.

Along with serving businesses, PIC has made a strong effort to create a regional presence by establishing partnerships with a range of government programs, Community Futures Development Corporations, postsecondary institutions, economic development corporations, regional innovation centres, and Chambers of Commerce.

Alan Spacek, Mayor of Kapuskasing and President of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) just one regional supporter featured in the video. “We know that small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy in this region,” Spacek says. “Having the resource like PIC is key to growing that sector. We are happy to support the Centre of Productivity and Innovation in growing our economy, keeping it stable and thriving.”

To view the full video and all of the testimonials, click here.

PIC is part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), and is supported by FedNor, NOHFC, NRC-IRAP, Timmins Economic Development Corporation, NEOnet, and other partners. For more information on the Productivity & Innovation Centre (PIC) and its initiatives please contact Ana Blouin, Project Development Manager, [email protected] or 705-269-1354.

NOA, Northern Ontario’s premiere organization for entrepreneurs and angel investors, is also part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), and is supported by the Government of Canada, FedNor, The Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario, and other partners. For more information about Northern Ontario Angels (NOA) please contact Mary Long-Irwin, Executive Director, [email protected] or 807-344-4440.

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