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Productivity Assessment

“Identifying gaps and inefficiencies in an organization’s operations that hinder competitiveness in today’s global market.”

Staying competitive in our international climate is increasingly challenging for businesses. Inefficiencies and lack of innovation are two of the main things holding back firms, and can often mean the difference between success and failure. Our Productivity Assessment Initiative is not the end-all solution, but it is a very cost-effective way to help you identify and start to take your business down the right path towards innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.

The Productivity Assessment Initiative will examine ten different areas of your operations, including Vision, Strategy and Leadership, Organizational Structure & Culture, and Operational Processes and Workflow. It will help identify gaps and issues that affect organizational efficiencies, competitiveness and ultimately your bottom line.

Based on the results of this assessment PIC can provide further support to develop an innovative plan to increase your productivity and address identified weaknesses. Through our services and funding, the Productivity & Innovation Centre (PIC) aims to help identify these gaps and facilitate relevant improvements.

If your organization’s primary revenue comes from Agriculture, Clean Technologies, Construction, Digital Media & IT, Energy, Environment, Forestry, Mining or Manufacturing, you may be able to access up to $9,000 in total funding support to become more competitive through productivity and innovation improvements!  Complete our registration form to find out if you are eligible.

Even if you are not eligible for funding, you can still take advantage of our services and have a qualified business consultant complete an assessment of your organization (at your own cost). The consultant will use our approved productivity assessment tool to review all aspects of your Small-and-Medium-Sized-Enterprises’ (SMEs) operations and provide a report that will outline your operational strengths and weaknesses.